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What we do  //  Primary School Programs

Sports Fun Education Programs

Primary Schools

Our Sports Fun programs are designed utilising the aims, objectives and outcomes identified by the NSW Board of Studies Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 Syllabus.

We provide qualified coaches and/or qualified teachers (for RFF purposes) to implement a structured program designed to cover all relevant aspects of the current PDHPE syllabus.

Our Sports Fun Education Programs

Our Programs specifically contentrate on the introduction of fundamental movement skills; development of games and sports specific skills; and the introduction and development of athletic and gymnastics skills.

Each Lesson focuses on a series of gross motor skills that will enable students to gain a better understanding of the fundamental movement skills required for each sport/activity, and a specific skill development component.

Our programs are designed to ensure maximum participation of all students in a safe, energetic and fun environment.

Benefits to Your Students:

Our programs have three objectives:

  • Improving the physical skills of each child
  • Develop teamwork, self-confidence and social interaction
  • Stimulate the desire to participate in sport
Our belief is that focussing on these three objectives whilst providing a fun, learning environment ensure students will enjoy exercising and participating in a number of sports.

As the student's confidence grows our coaches are then able to initiate the development of team work and sportsmanship.

Benefits to Your Teachers

Sports Fundamentals understand that many primary school teachers simply don't have the time and many don't have the expertise to competently plan and teach a structured PE lesson.

Sports Fundamentals provide qualified coaches to implement a structured program designed to cover all relevant aspects of the current PDHPE syllabus. 

Our coaches also provide written feedback to the class room teacher on all students participating in our Sports Fun Education Program. Our coaches can also assist with feedback on those students who have shown a high level of skill in a specific sport/activity to assist the class room teacher with the allocation of end of term/year awards.

Benefits to Your Parents

In providing quality, structured sports programs our aim is to ensure all parents know their child will be given the best opportunity to participate in a number of new sports and activities and also continue to improve on skills learnt already through playing sport previously.

Our programs are organised, structured and age-specific, allowing for children of all ages and abilities to participate, improve their skills and knowledge of the sport, and develop confidence to participate in a team environment.

All students who participate in our Programs will receive a written assessment at the end of each Term. This enables teachers, parents and students to have a better understanding of the developments being made. There is an additional charge for this service.

Benefits to Your School

Our Programs are designed to ensure maximum participation of all students in a safe, energetic and fun environment. We use specifically modified equipment that is appropriately designed for the use of primary school aged children.

We are able to offer modified wet-weather Programs in school halls or under cover areas in the event of wet weather, or if there is not an appropriate indoor/undercover area then we are able to run an alternative health lesson to ensure children are still getting the benefit of our Program.

We employ qualified Physical Education teachers and Primary Trained teachers, so we are able to provide the school with the opportunity to use our programs as part of their Release from Face to Face hours, allowing the class room teacher the time to complete a number of tasks including program and lesson preparation.

Through consultation with yourself and your staff Sports Fundamentals will tailor a Program that best suits the needs of your students, teachers and parents, as well as the physcial environment of the school.

For further information please contact Ben Carlyon on 0404 850 319 or email